Forest School Update – ‘Coldest day of the year’

Carol, the weather lady on BBC TV, told us this was going to be the coldest day of the year so far and most of Sparrow Hawks took her advice and wrapped up warm and all the adults did too! Mrs Farley had built up a roaring fire by the time everyone arrived and we started the session with some games to keep us warm. We learnt two new games this week. One was called pulse and the other was a team game called magic stick.

Then we sat down around the fire circle and Mrs Farley explained the choices of activities we had this week. One was using real knives to whittle some hazel sticks to make a butter knife which we could take home and try and spread butter on our toast in the morning. Burl said you could also use it to spread jam!

The butter knife has two flat sides so the technique is different from whittling a point for a cooking stick and some of us didn’t find it easy but we persevered and were very pleased with them when they were finished.

Aphrodite was the Greek goddess of beauty and loved to wear jewellery and another activity this week was to make bracelets and necklaces. We peeled the bark off some Elder sticks and then cut them into small pieces with secateurs and used tent pegs to push out the pith to make holes so they were like beads which we decorated and threaded onto string.

Both these activities meant we had to take off our glove on the hand holding the tools and we got cold fingers but luckily the kettle was soon boiling and we had hot chocolate with our fruit at break time.

After break some chose to go back inside the classroom to warm up and some decided to stay outside. The tree climbing and rope swinging continued and as Oliver and Harry hadn’t made bows and swords last week they had some fun with these and acted some fight scenes from Greek stories with Tom before we all went in for lunch.

Next week is Sparrow Hawks last session so Mrs Farley asked everyone what they would like to do and ended up with a list as long as her arm!  Pria had so many ideas we would need an extra session to fit them all in. Actually, we would all really like an extra session – but we would really like it to be a bit warmer please!