Forest School Update – ‘Spring Day in Vines Woods’

We had a beautiful Spring day in Vines Woods and it was really warm – what a difference a month makes! This week we all wanted to take off our coats and jumpers but we had to remember that we need long sleeves at Forest School so we don’t get scratched by brambles. Long sleeved T-shirts are on Mum’s shopping list for next week.

We started by learning a new game called ‘Eagle Eye’. It was similar to ‘123 where are you?’ but this time every time Mrs Farley, who pretended to be the eagle, closed her eyes and counted we had to move from our hiding places and try to get back to the eagle’s nest without being seen.

After a snack we had the choice of several activities including fire lighting and cooking dampers on the fire which we ate with honey. We also created pictures using natural materials. We used red and grey clay, white chalk and black charcoal which we mixed with water to make paints and we had to find a stick and make a paint brush from feathers or leaves. We also had a go at weaving spider’s webs using coloured wool. This linked with our topic and, as usual, there was the choice of free play and one group made a fantastic mini - beast hotel.

Others made shelters for themselves or climbed trees and some designed and constructed a zip wire. We also found a toad hiding under some logs.

Although the mud had dried up a little, the muddy patch from last week still needed a bridge and Cillian decided that, as it was a narrow bridge, people should take turns in crossing it so he made a ‘yes/no’ sign similar to those used in road works. This led to a group making lots of other signs.

Some excellent writing produced all sorts of signs. Some were instructions, some gave directions and some were for warnings.  

A really useful sign showed the way to the toilets and hand washing!

After the Easter break we will have 3 more sessions – we can’t wait.