Forest School Update – ‘Second Session in Vines Woods’

This week was Kestrel’s second session this term but their first in Vines Woods. There is so much more space here and games such as ‘123 where are you are?’ is much more fun to play as there are so many places to hide! We started with this one and we also played ‘you are only safe if’ which helps us learn the names of trees. In Vines Wood there are really big trees called Hornbeams as well as Ash trees and Hazel nut bushes. We then sat around the fire circle and had a snack while Mrs Farley explained about the various activities she had prepared for us to do and also reminded us of the boundaries we needed to stay in if we wanted to do free play, so we would stay safe.

One activity was fire lighting and we took turns in groups of 5 to do this. It was really difficult to start with, even to just get a spark, but with lots of perseverance everyone managed to light a ball of cotton wool. This showed a ‘growth mindset ‘and ‘can do’ attitude which we knew would make Mr Davidson proud of us! We also thought it was great fun and went on to light many more balls of cotton wool until it was someone else’s turn. Another activity made us think about Spring and the animals and birds that hibernate or migrate and return in the Spring. Using clay we made Hedgehogs out of Teasels and Swallows from cardboard cut-outs and we made nests and small dens for them to live in. We also made a big den, working as a team with Mrs Farley, but the tarpaulin kept blowing away! However, the best bit of all about Vines Woods is the mud!

Some of us got stuck in the mud and we had to build a bridge to rescue people! As if there wasn’t enough mud, others added water to make a mud slide down one of the banks! Mr Leeder wasn’t very impressed when we all tried to get back on the mini bus so Mrs Farley hosed down our wellies and we put our over- trousers in bin liners so Mums could sort it out later at home. Good old Mum!