Forest School Update – ‘Kestrels in Vines Woods’

Kestrel’s had another lovely spring day in Vines Woods.

We started with some safety rules as some of us needed reminding about keeping ourselves, and each other, safe in the woods. Then it was time for a couple of games.

We played ‘123 where are you’ and we are all really good at this now and Mrs Farley couldn’t see any of us to start with! It was the same when we played ‘Eagle Eyes’ when most of us got back to the eagle’s nest without being seen. We have become experts in playing these games!

Once again we had a big choice of activities this week. One was making leaf prints on calico squares. This is really easy at the moment and Sophia said it was because the spring leaves are so juicy. We also made leaf baskets from large Sycamore leaves which we filled with woodland treasures such as hazel nuts eaten by the squirrels, and we decorated armbands with leaves and flowers – there is so much to find in a wood in the Spring.

Some cooked marshmallows on the fire with Mrs Farley and others did fire-lighting with Penny. Some people are now finding fire-lighting really easy so the next thing is to see if, having lit the ball of cotton wool, we can keep the fire burning. This meant collecting some fuel and we had to remember the different sizes of sticks needed and all the fire safety rules such as finding a safe site for the fire so it didn’t spread.

Mrs Farley helped us with this but it was really hard and Penny said we would have to have cold hot chocolate as the kettle wouldn’t boil on our fire. We knew she was joking because actually the kettle was boiling on the main fire! We are going to try this again next week.

Some of us made swings and others made mini beast shelters and after lunch our free play developed into a hunt for dinosaur bones as our class topic this term is ‘bones and stones’.

We found some hooked sticks that looked like pick axes and Albert said we were palaeontologists – what a good word! The earth was quite dry and we were saying ‘crumble crumble’ as we dug. Some people were slipping on the slope so Cillian and Flo decided to make some signs saying ‘warning crumble’.

We then had a sing- song with our hot chocolate around the fire and at Reflection Time we had lots of requests for things to do at our last session next week. We wish we could do Forest School every week but we understand that other classes need to have their turn. Lucky Barn Owls!