Forest School Update – ‘Kestrels to Vines Woods’

This week was Kestrel’s second session this term but their first in Vines Woods. There is so much more space here and games such as ‘123 where are you are?’ is much more fun to play as there are so many places to hide! We started with this one and we also played ‘you are only safe if’ which helps us learn the names of trees. In Vines Wood there are really big trees called Hornbeams as well as Ash trees and Hazel nut bushes. We then sat around the fire circle and had a snack while Mrs Farley explained about the various activities she had prepared for us to do and also reminded us of the boundaries we needed to stay in if we wanted to do free play, so we would stay safe.

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Forest School Update – ‘Coldest day of the year’

Carol, the weather lady on BBC TV, told us this was going to be the coldest day of the year so far and most of Sparrow Hawks took her advice and wrapped up warm and all the adults did too! Mrs Farley had built up a roaring fire by the time everyone arrived and we started the session with some games to keep us warm. We learnt two new games this week. One was called pulse and the other was a team game called magic stick.

Then we sat down around the fire circle and Mrs Farley explained the choices of activities we had this week. One was using real knives to whittle some hazel sticks to make a butter knife which we could take home and try and spread butter on our toast in the morning. Burl said you could also use it to spread jam!

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Forest School Update – ‘Dressed for the cold’

This week the weather forecast was good but, knowing you are going to spend a day in the woods in January is a bit of a clue about what to wear.

Most of Sparrowhawks were dressed for the cold but some forgot to bring their gloves and extra socks. Hopefully they will remember next week?

We started with a game of ‘you’re only safe if’ which is great fun and we learnt some tree names although it is difficult to recognise them at this time of the year when there are no leaves on the trees.

We then sat round the fire circle and Mrs Farley read us a story about Arachne who was an ancient Greek girl who loved to weave and was very good at it. She met Athena, the goddess of arts and crafts, and they had a competition to be the best weaver and Arachne lost and was very sad but then she was turned into a spider by Athena so she could spin and weave for evermore.

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Forest School Update – ‘There is no such thing as bad weather’

The first session of 2017 could have been cancelled because of the weather forecast but the Forest School motto is ‘There is no such thing as bad weather – just bad clothing’. Sparrowhawks class know all about keeping themselves warm and dry and were well prepared for the threatened snow. We are fortunate to have our own Forest School on site which we used this week and enjoyed the whole morning before we relocated indoors for lunch and further activities in the afternoon.

As usual, Mrs Farley had lots of exciting games and activities for us to try either all together, in groups or on our own. These included cooking (and eating) dampers with honey, shelter building, fire-lighting and climbing trees.

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