Forest School Update – ‘Dressed for the cold’

This week the weather forecast was good but, knowing you are going to spend a day in the woods in January is a bit of a clue about what to wear.

Most of Sparrowhawks were dressed for the cold but some forgot to bring their gloves and extra socks. Hopefully they will remember next week?

We started with a game of ‘you’re only safe if’ which is great fun and we learnt some tree names although it is difficult to recognise them at this time of the year when there are no leaves on the trees.

We then sat round the fire circle and Mrs Farley read us a story about Arachne who was an ancient Greek girl who loved to weave and was very good at it. She met Athena, the goddess of arts and crafts, and they had a competition to be the best weaver and Arachne lost and was very sad but then she was turned into a spider by Athena so she could spin and weave for evermore.

Weaving was one of our activities today but first of all we had to make a loom which needed some knot tying skills. We learnt a clove hitch to start with Penny calls it ‘the fish on a dish knot’. Then we did some square lashing to join the sticks together to make a frame and we finished with a reef knot which Tom calls ‘a shoelace knot’. We used coloured wool to make the loom and wove in natural materials.

Talking of natural materials – Ruben and Owen made a great debris shelter and for the roof they used the branches of the Christmas Tree which Mr Leeder had put on the bonfire pile – we love recycling at ASSR!

We used our new square lashing skill to make swords and became Ares the god of war and also made some bows so we could be Artemis the goddess of hunting. Another activity was to make natural leaf prints which we will use to decorate our tunics so, along with our Laurel crowns, bows and swords will really look like ancient Greeks!

Tree climbing turned into a team challenge and a fantastic rope descent system was designed and built by Sky and Ruby and tested out by Eddie – brave man Eddie! We used the fire for cooking and eating dampers and finishing the session with hot chocolate. We can’t wait for next week!