Forest School Update – ‘There is no such thing as bad weather’

The first session of 2017 could have been cancelled because of the weather forecast but the Forest School motto is ‘There is no such thing as bad weather – just bad clothing’. Sparrowhawks class know all about keeping themselves warm and dry and were well prepared for the threatened snow. We are fortunate to have our own Forest School on site which we used this week and enjoyed the whole morning before we relocated indoors for lunch and further activities in the afternoon.

As usual, Mrs Farley had lots of exciting games and activities for us to try either all together, in groups or on our own. These included cooking (and eating) dampers with honey, shelter building, fire-lighting and climbing trees.

Sparrowhawks are studying the Ancient Greeks and some made laurel wreaths and became Gods and Goddesses, using their classroom learning to list the names. The opportunity to make Grecian pots with clay was developed by some into making and decorating tiles and by others into making creatures. At Forest School we use our imagination to be or do anything we like as long as we remember to keep ourselves, and each other, safe. And we always have fun – whatever the weather!